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Ellie Goulding | Love Me Like You Do

Ellie Goulding | Love Me Like You DoThis song is more for the intermediate guitar player. However, with practice a beginner could very well play this song. There will be one bar chord. But, there [more]

Fergie | Big Girls Don't Cry

Fergie | Big Girls Don't CryYou will probably have to practice this one a little bit since it does have some finger picking. However, the finger picking shouldn't be to hard to get a [more]

Jason Mraz | I Won't Give Up

Jason Mraz | I Won't Give UpAlthough this is not a beginner song. It could be within your ability if you know how to play barre chords. I just love this song. It [more]

Epiphone SG G-310

Epiphone SG G-310My Review Of The Epiphone SG G-310By: John SizemoreSo! Here's the guitar that changed everything! Yup! The Gibson SG which stands for "Solid Guitar".This guitar was designed [more]

Jason Aldean | My Kinda Party

Jason Aldean | My Kinda PartyThis song only has 4 chords and has a real rock and roll feel to it. However, it does have a barre chord and a pretty intermediate strumming pattern [more]

Katy Perry | Last Friday Night t.g.i.f

Katy Perry | Last Friday Night t.g.i.fHere's a real easy song with a strumming pattern that you should be able to play quite easily. There are only 4 chords in the whole song. However, [more]

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