“These mistakes are so huge that people quit playing”

Mistakes learning guitarMost people who enjoy music have wanted to learn an instrument at one time or another. The most popular instrument over the last half of the century has been the guitar. There were many influences along the way from Robert Johnson to Jimi Hendrix that have inspired people to want to learn. However, there are many mistakes that people make when trying to learn guitar that can be avoided. These mistakes are so huge that people quit playing because they believe it is just too difficult rather than just avoid the mistakes that cause them to quit. Here we’ll go over those mistakes to give you the best shot at becoming a great guitarist!

Mistake #1 Not Taking Lessons

“there’s a big piece of the puzzle that you’ll be missing”

Sure, you can go buy a guitar book or learn a few chords from a friend. But, there’s a big piece of the puzzle that you’ll be missing. You see, taking lessons from a seasoned guitar instructor will get you started on the right foot setting you up to learn as fast and accurate as possible. Most people make this mistake because they have what I call “Instant gratification syndrome”. They want to learn guitar and they want to learn it now and start a band tomorrow. Please! If the guitar was that easy wouldn’t everyone know how? I can’t stress this one enough. You can find incredible beginning guitar lessons on the Internet or from a local guitar teacher.

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