Christian Guitar Lessons

By John Sizemore

“Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.” ~ Psalm 33:2-3

Are you feeling a call to worship music?  There is nothing that compares to the worship and prayer of music.  Music is an emotion that cannot be expressed in words.  The lord gave us music to rejoice and worship him.  So, if you’re feeling this call you can learn how to play worship music through christian guitar lessons.

Kick Start Your Worship

“Praise and music before the service gets us locked in and tuned up with God”

When I go to the church service every Sunday at my church in Seattle, music praise is the first worship we are presented with.  Our Pastor Casey Treat actually talks about the praise and worship team as our “Kick Start!” to the lesson he has planned.  He’s actually a little more funny about it saying “Some of you come in here on Sunday morning looking dead, and after the praise and worship music you all got a kick start and are alive again!”  This is what music can do for us.  The praise and music before the service gets us locked in and tuned up with God.  Imagine if you were playing the music how tuned in you’d be?!

Be A Witness To Jesus Christ

“You have a big opportunity with taking christian guitar lessons”

Every Christian knows we are called to bring as many people to Jesus Christ as we possibly can in this life time.  You have a big opportunity with taking christian guitar lessons to reach as many as you can with your music.  You don’t have to be playing on the stage either.  Sometimes just playing around a few people can get them asking the questions.  Mmmm, imagine telling them you felt like you had a call from God to learn the guitar?  You can see where I’m going with this right?

Again, if you have a call to worship with music?  I would recommend taking Christian Guitar Lessons!  Through “Play Worship Guitar” you will be learning the simplest approach and learning your favorite worship songs along the way!

Aaron Anastasi (your instructor) Playing @ Newsong Irvine


What Others Are Saying

“I had stopped playing guitar until I crossed this site and now I can’t put it down!”

“Thanks for all your help! I love this site as I had stopped playing guitar until I crossed this site and now I can’t put it down! Thanks again!”

Craig Eiland

“Now I am able to learn at learn at my own pace.”

“Thank you for the website, I have been wanting to play for years but have had so many hiccups. Now I am able to learn at my own pace. Also I have written lots of lyrics and thanks to your site I can write and play music :) God bless ya guys heaps!”


“Aaron was my first guitar teacher…amazing!”

“He taught me the basics, pulling back his own memories of learning, and then instructing me with them. As we progressed, he integrated new chords, new strumming patterns, and new styles of playing. Eventually I was writing my own music! Aaron was my first guitar teacher and working with him was amazing!”

Will Henry Princeton, New Jersey

“For the first time things have clicked!”

“I signed up on August 13th…I love it, and it has been very helpful and informative. As a drummer, singer, and music theory student, this by far has been the most user friendly and straight forward approach I have ever seen.
I have been messing with guitar for the past 5 years and have grown quite frustrated with learning everything by the book.
So thank you, for the first time things have clicked and I am ready to start playing a few songs!”

Ray Reimer Eagle Point, Oregon

“An excellent, easy to follow website”

“I tried another site before this one that just didn’t work but I trusted my gut and it was the best decision. Aaron you’ve made an excellent, easy to follow website! A big thanks from out here in the middle east!”

Jeffrey Ayache, 28 Beirut, Lebanon

“I have already learned one song! Whoo hoooo! Thanks again!”

“Thank you for replying so quickly to all my emails, I am very excited about this program considering I have already learned one song! Whoo hoooo! Thanks again!”
Tiffany Lauren

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