I believe it’s very important for guitar players first starting out to use a pick. Later in your guitar journey you might decide to pick up finger picking. However, as a foundation it teaches you proper strumming and guitar speed when playing lead guitar or scales.

Guitar picks come in many shapes and sizes and only you can see what works best for you. A heavy pick helps in great accuracy when playing lead. However, they’re not so good for strumming. I recommend in the beginning to use a medium thickness pick that will work both for rhythm and lead. This will help you to decide whether you want a heavier pick or lighter pick.

Almost every guitar player has their own unique way of holding a guitar pick. However, there is a basic way to hold the guitar pick that every beginner guitar player should know. Here David with his funny sense of humor explains the different methods of how to hold a guitar pick. David is one of the most popular and well know beginner to advanced instructors in the online business.

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