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Virtual Guitar LessonsI would imagine since you typed in “Virtual Guitar Lessons” in your browser that you are looking for a way to learn the guitar without actually paying for and seeing a private guitar teacher?  Am I right!?  Well, this subject has come to quite a few debates on whether you can learn at the same speed with a private instructor or taking virtual guitar lessons from an online teacher?  Hopefully, I can answer these burning questions for you?

  1. What are virtual guitar lessons and do they work?
  2. Should I pay a private instructor to learn guitar?

What Are Virtual Guitar Lessons And Do They Work?

Virtual guitar lessons are basically taking guitar lessons online or from some sort of other media like DVD’s that give you the feeling of learning from a private instructor etc…..  They would not be considered lessons you learn from a book.  These would obviously not be virtual guitar lessons.

I can tell you this about virtual guitar lessons or online guitar lessons for that matter.  They are excellent!  However, they are not as ideal as some make them out to be.  If you have never picked up a guitar before?  Virtual guitar lessons may not be the place for you to start.  You see, learning the guitar can be quite difficult in the very beginning.  Your fingers just have never had to move or stretch that way.  NEVER!  So, it’s almost like learning how to write all over again as if you were 4 years old.  This can be very frustrating for the absolute beginner.  Many quit within the first month of picking up the guitar because of fear they just won’t learn it fast enough.  I can assure you this is a myth!  In most cases it takes about three months to actually learn to switch between about 7 chords pretty fluently practicing about 15 minutes per day religiously!  Learning  just these 7 or so chords will lead you to playing 1000’s of songs.

When taking virtual guitar lessons (not from a private guitar teacher) you will not have that physical person there to guide and push you along for encouragement.  Now, if you’re the type of person who does not need this type of encouragement?  Then virtual guitar lessons may be right for you.

You will learn from several different instructors which are all experts in the specific genre you want to learn.  There is a never ending supply of updated lessons and many virtual guitar lessons have instructors who are available once per week on live video to answer your questions.  All in all it is a great place to start for the self motivated person and definitely a place to finish since you’ll already have the hands, fingers and knowledge to continue with more advanced guitar lessons.

Should I Pay A Private Instructor To Learn Guitar?

 Private Guitar LessonsWell, if you have read the above?  You know which category you fit in.  A private guitar teacher will help guide your fingers to be placed in the exact positions on the frets.  Sometimes physically helping you stretch your fingers in the right position.  This can be extremely helpful for the absolute beginner.  You will not get this type of attention from virtual guitar lessons no matter how great everyone makes the virtual guitar lessons sound.  Private instructors will be able to answer your burning questions right there in the session.  This could help you to excel very quickly since you will avoid many pitfalls in your learning.

Private guitar instruction can become quite expensive.  Many instructor are now charging about $40 per session 4 times a month.  This will lead you to spending about $3800 in about 2 years of private guitar lessons.  I believe that 2 years is what is necessary to carry your guitar playing along to where you can teach yourself just about anything since you will understand all the theory behind the guitar.

What I recommend

Take private guitar lessons for about three months.  Then sign up for virtual guitar lessons.  Virtual guitar lessons or online guitar lessons will run you about $20 per month.  This is a significant cost difference with private guitar lessons.  Plus, you will have gotten past the three month difficult stage and you will have a great understanding about the guitar and be able to pick up what the online guitar instructors are teaching very quickly.

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